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FN0120-Salmon - Release of Draft 2022/23 Northern and Southern BC Salmon IFMPs for Consultation

The Department has released the 2024-25 draft Northern and Southern BC Salmon Integrated Fishery Management Plans (IFMPs) for comment.  

Deadline for submission of comments is April 15th, 2024.

To obtain an electronic copy for review, please click the link below:

The draft IFMPs set out the policy framework that guides decision making, general objectives relating to management of stocks of concern, enhancement and enforcement, as well as decision guidelines for a range of fisheries.  

Please refer to the New for 2024/25 for key changes for the IFMP that may be under consideration. 

Section 13 of the IFMPs outline the Species Specific Fishing Plans, which describe fisheries plans for each of the salmon species and the management units and major fishery areas for each species.  This section includes the relevant information on management approach, decision guidelines and specific management measures, as well as, information related to First Nations, commercial and recreational fishing plans for each fishery. 

During March and April, the Department will be meeting with First Nations and recreational, commercial and environmental groups to seek further feedback on the draft IFMPs as part of the IFMP consultation process.  

Comments may be provided in writing via email to the DFO Pacific Salmon Management Team at

DFO Pacific Salmon Management Team

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0120
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