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FN0664-Salmon - 2023/24 Integrated Fisheries Management Plans for Northern and Southern BC

The BC Salmon Integrated Fisheries Management Plans (IFMPs) for 2023/2024 have been released. These plans (one for coastal and interior waters of the 
Province of British Columbia north of Cape Caution, and one for south of Cape Caution including the Fraser River) outline management policies, specific management objectives, and decision guidelines for a wide range of fisheries and anticipated opportunities for First Nations, recreational and commercial fisheries. These plans were developed through consultation with First Nations and stakeholder representatives.

DFO manages BC salmon to meet conservation objectives; to ensure that there are sufficient spawners to sustain populations while optimizing the social and economic benefits of fisheries for Pacific salmon.  Harvest opportunities will be provided where abundance permits. For 2023 salmon fisheries, in-season management will also need to consider potential implications of adverse environmental conditions on salmon populations.

In-season changes or announcements of specific fishery management measures including openings, closures, and other relevant information will be provided by Fisheries Notices. You can sign up to receive notices by e-mail or review Fisheries Notices at:

Links for copies of the IFMPs:
Northern salmon:
Southern salmon:


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