Fishery Notice

ABORIGINAL - General Information
ABORIGINAL - Salmon: Economic Opportunities
AQUACULTURE - Freshwater/Land-based
AQUACULTURE - Marine Finfish
COMMERCIAL - General Information
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish Trawl
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish: Halibut
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish: Other Hook and Line
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish: Rockfish Hook and Line
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish: Sablefish
COMMERCIAL - Groundfish: Sablefish Seamount
COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Gill Net
COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Seine
COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Test Fishery
COMMERCIAL - Herring Special Use
COMMERCIAL - Herring: Food and Bait
COMMERCIAL - Herring: Spawn on Kelp
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Abalone
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Intertidal
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Clam - Razor
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Crab
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Crab - Tanner
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Euphausiid
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Geoduck and Horseclam
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Goose Barnacle
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Octopus by Trap
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Oyster
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Prawn and Shrimp by Trap
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Scallop by Trawl
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Sea Cucumber
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Sea Urchin - Green
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Sea Urchin - Red
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Shrimp Trawl
COMMERCIAL - Invertebrates: Squid - Neon Flying
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Anchovy
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Eulachon
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Mackerel
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Perch
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Sardine (Pilchard)
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Smelt
COMMERCIAL - Pelagics: Tuna
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Gill Net - Test Fishery
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Seine
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Seine - Test Fishery
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Troll
COMMERCIAL - Salmon: Troll - Test Fishery
General Information
Licensing Information
RECREATIONAL - Fin Fish (Other than Salmon)
RECREATIONAL - General Information
Salmon: ESSR (Excess to Salmon Spawning Req)
Sanitary/Other Contamination Closures
Yukon/TBR - Aboriginal
Yukon/TBR - Commercial Salmon
Yukon/TBR - Domestic Salmon
Yukon/TBR - General
Yukon/TBR - Recreational Salmon
FN1320-General Information - Fishery Notification System (FNS) - External Webpage Down

A cyber-security vulnerability is affecting organizations around the world. As a precaution, we have taken down some services, including some features of the Fishery Notification System (FNS) and recreational licensing system. We are working on a resolution and fully functional services will be available as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Fishery Notices are currently not available through the DFO webpage but are still available to subscribers of the FNS email notification system. You may request to receive a copy of all new Fishery Notices by email by emailing the DFO Operations Centre at We will be unable to provide specific category or area selections during this period; all new fishery notices will be sent. If you are already subscribed, you will continue to receive email notifications as normal.

You can hear information about fishery openings and closures at our 24 hour toll-free Fishery Notice Information Line at 1-866-431-3474 or 604-666-2828 for Greater Vancouver. 

You can always find information about bivalve shellfish contamination closures online at: gp/contamination/index-eng.html 

Information on recreational fishing regulations can be found on our Sport Fishing Guide here:

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1320
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