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FN0236-COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Strait of Georgia - Update March 10, 2021


DATE: March 10, 2021


Shelter Pt to Cape Lazo-------No recent soundings
E.C. Denman Island------------Mar 8: 17,000 tons
Test: Mar 8 on 500 tons outside White Spit. 10.6%;18.1cm;66.2m:58.2f;55-3-1-0-4;(19.4:78.3).
Lambert Ch. to Chrome Is------Mar 8: 8,000 tons
E.C. Hornby Is----------------Mar 8: 300 tons
Test: Mar 6 on 250 tons at Whaling Station Bay. 8.1%;19.3cm;59.0m:58.0f;46-1-11-0-16;(17.7:75.3)
Tribune Bay/Lower Hornby------Mar 8: 650 tons
Upper Baynes Sd---------------Mar 9: NFF
Lower Baynes Sd---------------Mar 9: 800 tons
Mapleguard to Nile Cr---------Mar 9: 10,000 tons
Test: Mar 8 on 400 tons 1.4nm E of Scallop farm. 11.3%;19.1cm;60m:53f;50-1-2-0-0;(22.5:88.6)
Nile Creek to French Cr-------Mar 9: 3,000 tons
Test: Mar 9 on 350 tons 1.25nm N of French Creek. 12.5%;21.2cm;43m:63f;57-3-4-0-2;(22.1:92.1)
French Cr to NW Bay-----------Mar 9: 5,000 tons

Total Area 14: 89,000 tons (peak estimate)

Sarah to Lund-----------------Mar 5: NFF
Lund to Atrevida--------------Mar 5: 2,000 tons
Atrevida to Mill--------------Mar 6: 600 tons
Test: Mar 6 on 200 tons at Scuttle Bay. 8.5%;17.6cm; 72.0m:52.0f; 47-2-3-0-20; (18.4:70.0)
Harwood Island----------------Mar 4: 200 tons
Mill to Myrtle Rk-------------Mar 7: 1,400 tons
Myrtle Rk to Albion Pt--------Mar 7: 900 tons
Albion Pt to Scotch Fir-------Mar 7: NFF

Total Area 15: 3,000 tons (assessment incomplete)

Blind Bay---------------------Mar 7: 100 tons
Cockburn----------------------Mar 7: Skratches
Nelson Rk to Ferrnie Pt-------Mar 7: Medium skimmer
Fernie Point------------------Mar 7: 75 tons
Lee Bay-----------------------Mar 7: 300 tons
Charles Island----------------Mar 7: 255 tons

Total Area 16: 700 tons (assessment incomplete)

Dorcas Pt/Schooner Cove-------Mar 10: NFF
Inner Nanoose-----------------Not assessed
Outer Nanoose-----------------NFF
Blunden to Neck Point---------Mar 10: NFF
Neck Pt to Dodd Narrows-------Mar 10: 3,000 tons
Test: Mar 10 on 400 tons at Horsewell Channel; 12.5%;19.6cm;48m:55f;53-2-0-0-1;(23.6:96.5)

TOTAL AREA 17N: 9,000 tons (peak estimate)

AREA 17 SOUTH-----------------Not assessed

Total Area 17S: Not assessed

TOTAL STRAIT OF GEORGIA: 101,000 tons (peak estimate)

The roe herring seine fishery opened at 18:00 hours on March 9 (see FN0233). Hailed catch to date is 1,400 tons catch from the Qualicum Beach to Northwest Bay area.

Spawn flight today departed Nanaimo at 9:00 hours. A 2.5nm active spawn was observed from Cape Lazo to Little River then small break and continues for another 5.3nm to Williams Beach. Active spawn on east side of Hornby Island: Tralee 0.2nm then a break then 0.5nm then another break and then 1.5nm from Whaling Station Bay to Flora Islet. Sea lions and birds located in the Parksville to Qualicum Beach area. Spawn reported March 9 in Area 15 in the Mrytle Pt to Scotch Fir Pt area.

DFO Charter test vessel Denman Isle will be assessing the Nanaimo area today. 

The DFO charter test vessel Denman Isle commenced a 27 day charter in the Strait of Georgia on Feb 20. The DFO on-grounds Resource Management charter vessel Western Shore started its charter Feb 27.

Assessment and tonnage estimates are incomplete.

ROE TEST CODE: Date;Location;roe yield;fish size;males:females;#1-#2-#3-#spawned-#juvenile;(roe weight gm:fish weight gm)


Vessel Masters are reminded that there are numerous clam and oyster leases in Baynes Sound. Disposal of human waste into waters near shellfish harvest areas creates potentially serious health risks for shellfish consumers. The discharge of untreated sewage into all Canadian inland waters and Canadian coastal waters within 3 nautical miles of land is banned under the Canada Shipping Act. Vessels participating in the herring fishery are required to abide by sewage discharge regulations and are requested to minimize impact to aquaculture sites by utilizing marinas, anchoring in existing sanitary closures and minimizing congregations of vessels near shellfish aquaculture sites as much as possible.

All CFVs looking to moor at any Nanaimo Port Authority facility are required to hail the Marina Office on VHF Channel 67 prior to docking for a moorage assignment. All boats must register in person at the marina office once docked.


Jim Meldrum (250) 286-5823 or

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0236
Sent March 10, 2021 at 1103