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FN0233-COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Seine - Strait of Georgia - Fishery Opening March 9, 2021

Strait of Georgia - Roe Seine Fishery Opening March 9, 2021

Effective 18:00 hours, March 9, 2021 and until further notice the roe herring seine fishery is open in subareas 14-1 to 14-13, and 14-15 in the Straight of Georgia (excluding Comox Harbour). This opening is pursuant to Variation Order, No. 2021-HS-GULF-01. 

This opening was recommended by the seine pool captains on a test sets taken near French Creek today:

Test: Mar 9: Nita Maria set on 350tons 1.25NM N of French Creek: 12.5%; 21.2cm; 43m:63f;57-3-4-0-2; (22.1:92.1).

with an estimated 3,000+ tons in the immediate area. Total seine TAC in the Strait of Georgia is 3,227.6746 tons.


Jim Meldrum (250) 286-5823 or

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0233
Sent March 9, 2021 at 1656