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FN1071-Salmon - Chum - Area 29 - Fraser River - Update October 16, 2019

In-season estimates of return-to-the-mouth ("terminal") abundance for Fraser 
River Chum Salmon are based on historical information on the probable range of 
run size, timing, expansion line, and duration, combined with the current 
year's catch information provided by the Albion test fishery. The Chum-directed 
test fishing gill net (6.75" mesh) is fished every other day from September 1 
to October 20, then daily through November 10, then every other day until 
November 23. More details of the Albion test fishery can be found on the DFO 

Catch in the Chum net through October 15 totals 564, which is the lowest catch 
to date observed since 1995. Combining this data with the historical 
information in a Bayesian non-linear regression model results in a median 
estimate for the terminal Fraser River Chum Salmon return of 564,000 Chum, with 
a 50% migration date of October 24. There is an 80% probability that the run is 
between 421,000 and 752,000, and a 6% probability that the run will exceed the 
escapement goal of 800,000. The model is currently estimating the 50% migration 
date of the Chum Salmon return is 9 days later than average. If the run timing 
is actually closer to average, the median estimated run size is 414,000 with an 
80% probability that the run is between 326,000 and 534,000. The timing and 
final run size estimate will be confirmed within the next week.  

The current run size is not sufficient to allow for recreational or commercial 
opportunities (including First Nations Economic Opportunities) in the Fraser 

Opportunities to harvest Chum Salmon for First Nations Food, Social, and 
Ceremonial purposes will be constrained by management objectives for Interior 
Fraser Steelhead, which is a stock of concern presently co-migrating in the 
Fraser River. Moving window closures are in place for all salmon fisheries 
located along the migratory route of Thompson and Chilcotin River Steelhead, 
including Southern BC marine waters and the Fraser River and tributaries 
downstream of Thompson and Chilcotin River Steelhead spawning areas, as 
outlined in the 2019/2020 South Coast Salmon Integrated Fisheries Management 
Plan (IFMP). Harvest opportunities in all fisheries will be planned in line 
with these management measures. Fishers are required to take every measure 
possible to ensure that their fishing activities avoid impacts on Steelhead. 
Any Steelhead encountered must be released with the least possible harm.   

A final in-season update will be provided on Oct 23, 2019.


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Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1071
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