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FN1328-COMMERCIAL - Herring - Roe: Seine (only) - Selection to Food and Bait - Licencing Information

Pending approval, the Pacific Herring Integrated Fisheries Management Plan 
(IFMP) for the herring food and bait seine option is available for election.  
Food and Bait option will only be available until Feb 12, 2019. 

For 2019, roe herring seine licence eligibility holders are eligible to apply 
to participate in the food and bait fishery in the Strait of Georgia (SOG) area 

If this option is selected, the Herring Seine (HS) licence eligibilities will 
not be eligible to participate in the 2019 roe herring seine fishery and will 
receive an additional 39.7658 ton quota on their existing food and bait (ZM) 
licence. Once the selection into the Food and Bait fishery has been selected it 
cannot be reversed. 

The ZM licence receiving the quota must be Valid and have already received a 

The updated ZM licence document and conditions will be available on the NOLS 
account of the ZM licence eligibility holder. 

Please note the following: 
- Licence renewal applications will not be mailed this year. 
- Access to licencing services is only available via the National Online 
Licensing System (NOLS). 
- As there is no Area Selection this year, the election to move HS quota to ZM 
will be processed entirely through a NOLS request.  

- Login to your National Online Licensing System (NOLS) account.
- Create a Licensing Services Not Listed Above Request. The request must come 
from the Eligibility holder of the Herring by Seine (HS) licence. 
- Indicate in the comments box the Herring Food and Bait (ZM) Licence Number, 
the electing HS Licence Number, and that you request the Seine to Food and Bait 
- Submit your request. A licensing officer will review your request, and if 
approved, upload the fees for the Herring Seine licence. 
- Upon the fees being received, the licensing officer will reissue the ZM 
licence, with updated conditions indicating the increased TAC for the ZM 

Vessel designation and pool selection is NOT available for the Herring Seine 
fishery until further notice. 

For assistance with using NOLS, please refer to the online User Training 
Manual, found at:
manual-utilisateurs-eng.htm or by calling 1-877-535-7307.

REMINDER:  You will need your User ID and Password to access your NOLS account.

If you have forgotten your User ID and/or Password or require other assistance, 
client support is available via: 

Toll free telephone 1-877-535-7307 (ask for the Pacific Region)

NOLS registration information is also available online at:

Further updates and information on licensing and Pooling process for both the 
Roe Gillnet and Seine fisheries, will be forthcoming in the new year.

For more information on the licencing process:

Tel: 1-877-535-7307 - ask for the PACIFIC REGION
Mail: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 200-401 Burrard St., Vancouver BC V6C 3S4

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN1328
Sent December 7, 2018 at 1336