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FN0150-COMMERCIAL - Herring: Central Coast Decision and Notice of Approval of the Updated 2017/2018 Pacific Herring Integrated Fisheries Management Plan

In the Central Coast stock assessment area, DFO and Heiltsuk First Nation 
representatives worked together with the goal of developing a Joint Fisheries 
Management Plan.  DFO and Heiltsuk were unable to reach a shared understanding 
of stock health or the potential to open both SOK and Roe Herring fisheries.  
In order to support the government's reconciliation agenda, including 
supporting co-management of fishery resources, taking into account the 
Heiltsuk's traditional knowledge of the ecosystem, and given the Department's 
risk of being unable to ensure orderly and well managed fisheries, DFO has 
agreed to suspend the Roe Herring fishery in the Central Coast for 2018.  DFO 
will continue to collaboratively engage Heiltsuk in decisions about the Central 
Coast herring fishery.  This collaborative work will be inclusive of 
opportunities for other sectors to access the resource when there is sufficient 

The 2017/2018 Pacific Herring Integrated Fisheries Management Plan (IFMP) has 
been updated with this decision on the Central Coast commercial roe fishery and 
has been approved by the Regional Director General, Pacific.

The IFMP includes the 2017/2018 Pacific Herring stock assessment information, 
and appendices on First Nations fisheries and commercial fisheries for Food and 
Bait Herring, Special Use Herring, Spawn on Kelp, and Roe Herring.

You may request an electronic copy of the IFMP from Victoria Postlethwaite 


Victoria Postlethwaite, 604-666-7851 or
Brenda Spence, 250-756-7329 or

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0150
Sent March 1, 2018 at 1504