Fishery Notice

ABORIGINAL - General Information
FN0841-Aboriginal: Sockeye Non-retention in First Nations Food, Social and Ceremonial Fisheries in Most Southern BC Marine Waters

Effective 23:59 hours on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 until further notice, 
sockeye non-retention in Food, Social and Ceremonial fisheries will be in 
effect in the following Areas:

Areas 11 to 21, 29, 111, 121, and 123 to 127.

The Fraser River Panel met today to review Fraser River sockeye and pink salmon 
assessment information.  The total passage of Fraser sockeye through the marine 
assessment areas is still far below pre-season expectations. Summer-run sockeye 
were expected to contribute a significant portion to the total Fraser sockeye 
abundance this season, and to-date the return of Summer-run sockeye has been 
very poor. 

At the meeting Aug 11, the Panel approved a run size estimate of 1.7 million 
Summer-run sockeye, which corresponds to the p10 pre-season forecast. At 
current returns there is no abundance available to support continued First 
Nations FSC sockeye directed fisheries after accounting for escapement 
objectives and expected harvests.

Sockeye non-retention (non-possession) is in effect therefore all sockeye must 
be released in marine waters.  Commercial and recreational fisheries remain 

Variation Order Number: 2015-392 

Contact the local DFO office in your area for updated information as it becomes 

Fisheries & Oceans Operations Center - FN0841
Sent August 12, 2015 at 1015