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The Yukon Salmon Conservation Catch Card is now available to be purchased 

For the 2015 salmon fishing season, anglers may purchase a Yukon Salmon 
Conservation Catch Card  and record their catch online over the internet 
through the  National Recreational Licensing System (NRLS).  

Fishers may also purchase their Catch Card through licensing vendors.  To see a 
full list of recreational licensing vendors or to access the NRLS, visit:

To connect directly to the NRLS: or by using 
Google search key words: "DFO Catch Card" or "Recfish Licence". 

To minimize system delays, the best time to access the National Recreational 
Licensing System is outside of peak periods. Peak periods are every day from 12-
3pm; every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Please remember prior to going fishing, check the Fisheries and Oceans Canada 
online notice system for the most recent information on closures. 

Fishery notices are available online at:

To subscribe to fishery notices by email please visit the registration page:

For more information or to update your current fishery notice subscription 
please contact the Operations Centre at

Please email or call 1-877-535-7307.

Yukon Salmon Regulations/Inseason information
Visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada's salmon fishing website:

Or call Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Yukon Salmon Information Line at:
 (867) 393-3133 or toll free 1-877-725-6662

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